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Hands. Fingers. Bones sticking out. Eye contact. Hair. Being loud. Being quiet. Wings. Glasses. Lingerie. Horns. Body modification. Piercings. Tattoos.Stilettos. Bloodplay. Bondage. Stubble. Biting. Anal play. Double penetration. Knifeplay. Urine.Scratching. Feet. Leaving clothes on. Boots. Vomit. Licking. Begging. Cuddling. Crossdressing. Bruises. Make up. Pubic hair. Foreign languages. Feminization. Scars. Leather. Accents. Braces. Roleplay. Daddy/master/etc. Slapping/spanking. Tentacles. Non-human species (merfolk, centaurs etc). Defecation. Pegging. Sex toys. Fingering. Tying up. Prolonged waiting. Car sex. Intelligence. Being in public. A specific eye color.Watching. Crying. Hipbones. 

psa. i am an agonizingly slow roleplayer — my muses are fickle and some days all i can manage is chat threads or shenanigans. other days i can pump out longer threads like no one’s business. if it takes me a while on your thread it has nothing to do with you as a writer or me losing my muse for the thread. 

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girl: fuck me daddy!!

me: :O


me: i must go

x me x